Sugar-free TREATS

popsicleSugar-free TREATS

We have had many requests for sugar-free ice cream. We have looked into all kinds of artificial sweeteners and determined the truly healthiest non-sugar sweeteners are dates and other fruits and veggies.

We use organic sugar in our artisan ice creams and occasionally maple syrup or honey in our vegan flavors to provide lovely, sweet, creamy ice creams and sorbets.

The sugar in ice cream makes it softer and more scoopable.  Lack of sugar makes for a frozen solid block that will not scoop. So If we don’t want to use artificial sweeteners and we don’t want to use sugar in a recipe then we have to be prepared to have a frozen solid end product.   What to do????   We decided to turn our sugar-free, frozen TREATS into TREATSICLES; frozen goodness on a stick made without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

We will continue to experiment and try new flavor combinations. If you have ideas we would love to hear them. In the mean time we hope you enjoy our sugar-free TREATSICLES.


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