Flavors & Specials


April 9, 2014

Springtime and warmer temperatures make us think TREATSICLES ( our version of the popsicle).  We like to use local, seasonal fruits and veggies  so our flavors  are very fresh and will change throughout the growing season.  This year we’ll start off with kiwi,  pink grapefruit and rhubarb flavors.  These TREATS are vegan and organic.  We do also offer, vietnamese Coffee and Chai Boba Tea and Arnold Palmer Ice Tea TREATSICLES.  Later in the spring and summer we’ll have green smoothie,  cucumber-mint, strawberry basil, local berries, peach and melon flavors.  There are no added flavorings in our TREATSICLES  just organic, seasonal fruits and veggies ,  pure cane sugar and water/juice.  Stop by the shop and see what is in season  in our local region and at TREATS.

Treatsicles with fruit


Springtime Hours

March 24, 2014


Transitional Springtime Hours

Between the winter and summer is a transitional time at TREATS. The days are a little longer and the temps a little warmer. We will be open a bit later beginning this week.

Our hours will be:karin kaufman 1

Monday and Tuesday 1-5:00

Wednesday and Thursday 1-8:00

Friday and Saturday  12-9:00

Sunday 12-8:00


Bourbon Breakfast

March 15, 2014

Bourbon Breakfast

With a tip of the hat and the nod of a head we pay homage to Jake Godby Chef and Co-owner of Humphry Slocombe,  one of San Francisco’s best loved Ice Cream shops. His recipe for their Secret Breakfast ice cream flavor has inspired Bob to create Bourbon Breakfast.  The main ingredients, bourbon, caramelized cornflakes  and Strause Ice Cream mix combine to make a truly awesome adult oriented flavor.    Bourbon Breakfast

Bourbon Breakfast is now being served at    TREATS.



Irish Potato Candy

March 12, 2014


As a little girl growing up in Philadelphia I always delighted in eating Irish Potato Candy, a traditional Philadelphia confection that, despite its name is not from Ireland nor does it contain potato. The candies are made with coconut, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla and are rolled in cinnamon making them look like small potatoes.  They are usually served around St Patrick’s Day to commemorate the Irish Potato famine. They are so good ……. we have them all year round at TREATS.Irish Potato Candy


TREATS-made with Straus Family Dairy products

February 26, 2014

We  are proud to use Straus Family Creamery products straus-family-creamerybecause their certified organic dairy products are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified kosher and gluten free. Their cows graze on pastures in good weather and we give them only 100% organically grown feeds.  Their cows are never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. No additives, fillers or artificial ingredients are ever used in any of our delicious organic milk and dairy products. No wonder they all taste so good

They’ve kept their recipe as simple as possible, so that chefs and artisanal ice-cream makers can apply their own artistry to creating unique and specialized ice creams.  Straus Family Creamery Organic Ice-Cream Base is an ingredient used by ice-cream makers and pastry chefs who want to produce their own flavors of organic ice cream in batch freezers.

Because Straus Organic Ice-Cream Base contains 14% fat and the highest-quality custard ingredients – just Organic Cream, Organic Milk, sweet-cream buttermilk, organic sugar and organic egg yolk s– there is ample room for creativity in flavors, texture and add-ins.

Making ice cream first requires the production of a basic pasteurized custard base, in which milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks are heated together until the base reaches a specific temperature. Pasteurization of ice cream is required by the State of California for businesses selling ice-cream products to the public. State law also requires that an ice-cream making business become a state-certified pasteurizer. As an alternative to becoming a state-certified pasteurizer, ice-cream makers and shop owners can use Straus Organic Ice Cream Base.


New TREATS Flavors

February 14, 2014

Scooping This Weekend
For Valentines Day Weekend we have some new and very special TREATS-made flavors. Try Romantic Rose, Vivacious Violet, Tart and Sweet Meyer Lemon, Sassy Strawberry Rhubarb, Chocolate Love, Alluring Lavender, Coconut Palms and Sunsets Key lime Pie, or Bourbon Breakfast.Scoop of chocolate icecream


Our Latest TREAT …Ice cream Sandwiches

February 11, 2014

Our Latest TREAT
Ice Cream Sandwiches. Made your way…our chocolate cookie and your choice of ice cream. I’m working on several different cookies to offer variety ( one will be gluten free)… coming soon.ice cream sandwich


Vegan Ice cream contest

February 4, 2014

Vegan Ice Cream Contest

TREATS is conducting a contest to find a wonderful new vegan ice cream flavor.  We will offer the winner a $50 TREATS gift certificate and also make and sell the winning flavor for at month at the ice cream shop.  Entries should be made with locally sourced, organic ingredients as much as possible.   We are looking for a recipe that will appeal to kids and grownups.  You can submit more than one of your tried and true or creative recipes to treatsnevadacity@gmail.com.    Please credit the source of the recipes if you didn’t invent it yourself.  The contest will run until the end of February.

We will select the top 6 recipe submissions and then we (TREATS) will make those ice creams and have two judges select one winning flavor.  The Judges will be Katie Carter  katiecarterwellness.com and Kayle Martin  cowgirlsandcollardgreens.com.  The winner will be announced on March 10th, 2014.5 cone arch


Ice Cream vs Gelato

February 2, 2014

We are often asked what is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

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Gelato has less fat because it is made with more milk. Ice cream is churned faster and therefore contains more air. Gelato is denser and often more flavorful because it is churned more slowly. Gelato is usually served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream.


Cookies for Santa

December 19, 2013

Leaving Cookies for Santa
The tradition of Christmas cookies for Santa isn’t an incredibly old one. In fact, it is believed to have emerged around the time of the Great Depression when parents wanted to inspire their children to share with others, especially in hard times.  At TREATS we bake our own Chocolate Chip (gluten free and regular), Flourless Chocolate, Mexican Wedding, Peanut Butter, Molasses and Oatmeal Raisin cookies and brownies. What is your favorite cookie recipe?