Bearded wonderMilk and Cookie Fest

To celebrate the beginning of the new school year we offer our cookie flavored ice creams for the perfect milk and cookies after school snack.  Try our Snickerdoodle, Oreo Cookie or Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice creams.

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Travel and Taste with TREATS


On Tuesday May 19th from 6:00-9:00, Hilary Emberton will launch her book An Invitation to Travel.

The book takes readers on a pictorial voyage to 56 countries with commentary by the author and photographer that brings special meaning to the photos.

TREATS will serve ice cream and sorbet flavors inspired by the countries featured in Hilary’s book. Come taste flavors like: Japanese Green Tea, Icelandic Rhubarb, Mexican Spiced Chocolate, Vietnamese Coffee, Indian Chai, Peruvian Mango, Guatemalan Cardomon and other exotic flavors.



Springtime and warmer temperatures make us think TREATSICLES ( our version of the popsicle).  We like to use local, seasonal fruits and veggies  so our flavors  are very fresh and will change throughout the growing season.  This year we’ll start off with kiwi,  pink grapefruit and rhubarb flavors.  These TREATS are vegan and organic.  We do also offer, vietnamese Coffee and Chai Boba Tea and Arnold Palmer Ice Tea TREATSICLES.  Later in the spring and summer we’ll have green smoothie,  cucumber-mint, strawberry basil, local berries, peach and melon flavors.  There are no added flavorings in our TREATSICLES  just organic, seasonal fruits and veggies ,  pure cane sugar and water/juice.  Stop by the shop and see what is in season  in our local region and at TREATS.

Treatsicles with fruit


Vegan Ice cream contest

Vegan Ice Cream Contest

TREATS is conducting a contest to find a wonderful new vegan ice cream flavor.  We will offer the winner a $50 TREATS gift certificate and also make and sell the winning flavor for at month at the ice cream shop.  Entries should be made with locally sourced, organic ingredients as much as possible.   We are looking for a recipe that will appeal to kids and grownups.  You can submit more than one of your tried and true or creative recipes to    Please credit the source of the recipes if you didn’t invent it yourself.  The contest will run until the end of February.

We will select the top 6 recipe submissions and then we (TREATS) will make those ice creams and have two judges select one winning flavor.  The Judges will be Katie Carter and Kayle Martin  The winner will be announced on March 10th, 2014.5 cone arch



TREATS is very happy to announce a new product the TREATSICLE.

We will be producing our own brand of popsicles made with local, seasonal fruits and veggies.  We’ll start off slowly with spring strawberries, rhubarb, citrus and sweet potato some infused with herbs and spices for extra flavor. We’ll also carry TREATSICLES made with espresso, coconut, tea, chocolate, bananas and yogurt.  As the seasons progress we look forward to creating our frozen treats with peaches, berries, watermelons, cucumbers, apples and pumpkins.

We’ll try to use little or no sugar whenever possible and instead of plastic we’ll wrap our products in paper.

The TREATSICLES will be available beginning April 1st at our shop located at 110 York Street in Nevada City CA and at our local farmers markets beginning in June.


Specials for St Patrick’s Day

This weekend  we’ll take 25 cents off  our green ice creams ( Green Tea and Pistachio),
Baily’s Irish Cream Affagato and Irish Potato Candy.



TREATS has lots of chocolatey love for you this Valentine’s Day:
Vegan Chocolate Mousse gelato, and ice creams like Bittersweet,
Peanut Butter Cup, Swiss Orange Chip, Rocky Road and Mocha Fudge.
We also have our famous chocolate chip cookies in gluten-free and regular,
Fudgey Chocolate Brownies in gluten-free and regular, flourless chocolate
cookies and our assortment of vegan/gluten-free chocolate truffles.  All so good!


Crostatine Alla Marmellata & Nutella

Arianna Blancato, a visitor from Milan Italy has offered to bake for TREATS  some traditional Italian
Crostatine ( mini latticed jam or nutella tarts)
They are  a beautiful and wonderful treat.
Thank You,Arianna   !!!!!!!


What do Chalk and Soap have to do with Ice Cream?

TREATS Ice Cream shop will be accessorized
with chalk drawing and bubble blowing activities during Hot Summer Nights in Nevada City Wednesday, July  18th  &  25th  from 6-9:00 pm.



Sweet Summer Specials

Every day is special at TREATS
but we do have daily specials:
Milkshake Monday, Free Topping Tuesday,
Waffle Cone Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday,
Fruit Friday, Smoothie Saturday, Sundae Sunday.
Stop by 110 York Street for further explanation.