Sugar-free TREATS

popsicleSugar-free TREATS

We have had many requests for sugar-free ice cream. We have looked into all kinds of artificial sweeteners and determined the truly healthiest non-sugar sweeteners are dates and other fruits and veggies.

We use organic sugar in our artisan ice creams and occasionally maple syrup or honey in our vegan flavors to provide lovely, sweet, creamy ice creams and sorbets.

The sugar in ice cream makes it softer and more scoopable.  Lack of sugar makes for a frozen solid block that will not scoop. So If we don’t want to use artificial sweeteners and we don’t want to use sugar in a recipe then we have to be prepared to have a frozen solid end product.   What to do????   We decided to turn our sugar-free, frozen TREATS into TREATSICLES; frozen goodness on a stick made without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

We will continue to experiment and try new flavor combinations. If you have ideas we would love to hear them. In the mean time we hope you enjoy our sugar-free TREATSICLES.


TREATS is going Wild

TREATS will be scooping “Wild” flavors in honor of the SYRCL Wild and Scenic Film Festival. Douglas Fir SorbetDouglas Fir sorbet, CA Bay Laurel and Candy Cap Mushroom organic ice creams and Yerba Santa vegan deliciousness will be offered all weekend at the shop January 15-18 in downtown Nevada City at 110 York Street. ……..Stop by for a taste of the wild side.


All about Apples

We love apples!!!  Apple pie a la Mode, Apple Sundaes, Caramel Apple Milkshakes and our unique  Apple Pie Cone .   Try our Apple Strudel Ice cream or  Apple Pie a La Mode that is made with our special  baked apple pie filling and  topped with ice cream and whipped cream  and served in a waffle bowl. Our Apple Sundae is Apple Pie filling served with ice cream and topped with caramels sauce, nuts and whipped cream. The Caramel  Apple apple sundaeMilkshake is made with ice  cream, apple juice, caramel and cinnamon that are swirled together in the blender .  For the Apple Pie Cone we place apple pie filling inside your cone and top it off with your choice of ice cream flavors.  Recommended ice cream flavor combinations with these Apple delights might be Honey Vanilla, Apple Strudel, Salt Caramel Gelato, Lemon Custard or Butter Pecan.



Sundae Sundays

On Sundays we will offer a toppings buffet for our customers to build Sundaes.  Design your own Sundae  using a choice of three toppings  like fresh fruit, and assorted nuts and candies  and then add aSundae Sunday hot fudge, caramel or strawberry sauce to your choice of our amazing ice cream flavors.  A memorable TREAT for grandchildren, visiting relatives or after your hike or bike ride on one of Nevada City’s in-town trails  or for those avoiding endless football on TV.


Three Forks Stout Ice Cream

Three forks Stout Ice Cream

TREATS  has collaborated with the newly opened Three Forks Bakery and Brewing Company to create a Stout Ice Cream.   We love to work with local businesses to develop products of mutual benefit.  The results of these collaborations exemplify the “Buy Local” concept and puts forth uniquely local products.  It is our intention to provide local residents and visitors with ice creams they  simply can’t get anywhere else.  To date we have collaborated with several farmers, an indigenous plant specialist, a coffee roaster, and now a local brewery.  We wonder where this concept will take us?   As always, we welcome your ideas.  In the meantime please stop in to sample our  Three Forks Stout Ice Cream.


Strawberry Ice Cream

Our TREATS-made Strawberry ice cream is made using organic Mara des Bois Strawberries. This lush fruit is a patented french variety blending four European strawberries.  Noted for its delicious flavor and intense fragrance it  first gained popularity with pastry chefs at famed restaurants in Southern California. The plant produces fruit from spring through to fall making it a great choice for the home gardner.  We are lucky to buy ours at the Nevada City, Saturday Farmers Market.strawberries Mara des Bois


TREATS to go

   TREATS to Go…..   Our World Cup

Today we are introducing a new product, it is sort of a ….. Sundae to go… a Packed Parfait, a Stacked Sweetness in a cup.  These cups will be pre-packed by the Treatsters and ready to go out the door. They can be (with a few days notice) custom designed and pre-ordered for parties, picnics, parades or events.

Each week we will feature a new combination of ingredients. For today’s World Cup Soccer three sundaesMatch (USA vs. Germany) and the 4th of July we will have a red white and blue theme i.e. strawberries,  honey-vanilla ice cream and blueberries.

In addition this week we will layer our organic Strawberry ice cream with Nutella.

Future combinations could be Salt Carmel gelato with caramel sauce and pecans or a S’mores Sundae with marshmallows, graham crackers chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. How about Rocky Road with chocolate ice cream marshmallows and nuts or maybe a light Summer Delight  Sundae made with a Lemon Custard ice cream and fruity sorbet  layered with strawberry or peach sauce.  Oh the fun we will have making up new combinations. Your suggestions are most welcome. Post a comment/suggestion on the Outside Inn’s blog by July 4th for a chance to win a TREATS gift certificate .



Local Collaboration with The Coffee Broaster

Our Coffee Broaster ice cream is made using beans locally and lovingly roasted by Steffen Snell,  the Coffee  Broaster of  Foxhound Espresso & Coffee Broaster.  We create magic from this elixir in our ice creams, milkshakes, sundaes and affogatos. Here in Steffen own words is how he approaches his business.

Steffen McKinnon Hawkins Snell was born on the morning of October 26th, 1981 to serve coffee in Nevada County. First finding professional coffee service in Washington D.C. while attending the Corcoran School of Fine Art and Design, Steffen was unaware of the consumptive passion that was growing inside. Finding multiple barista positions at several cafe’s, competing in local barista competitions, and always finding a home behind the espresso machine and inside customers hearts… Steffen finally found his way home to NC and has since served as an apex barista for more than half of his life now. When asked what his favourite aspect of coffee is he replies,
“Initially I thought my interest came from the chemistry from a culinary perspective and through roasting, discovering it’s beauty through scientific process. Coffee is so chemically complex that the idea, to me, of a seed getting roasted then ground and brewed and that final product, an outcome so diverse an experience let alone enjoyable; it blows my mind. But now I know that’s not it, after leaving barista work to learn roasting I get it now. It is chemistry on many levels, but it is our chemistry that I am in love with when it comes to coffee service. Through serving you coffee I am allowed an atmosphere to fully express myself into a palatable form of interaction that I feel very supported here and further out in discovering how far my coffee will go. Without you I feel like I would be a tree falling alone in the wood, with no ears to hear it. Cheers.
Foxhound Espresso, as an idea is to develope a network of coffee loving and able brewing agents who promote radness through the exchange of sharing the experience of a most intense culinary gift; a cup of coffee that opens hearts and blows minds. It functions as a tactical support unit for brew methods utilizing procure onsite tactics as well as supporting purchasing gear and improvised brewing techniques…I will help you brew better of find better kit to brew with. Foxhound also is responsible for all onsite brewing and catering events and training.
Coffee Broaster is the strategic centre of operations for my SERVIVAL (service-revival) revolution in coffee service. The menu of coffees I choose to roast are selected for diversity in origin, varietal, processing method, and cup profile. The kernel of the Coffee Broaster is the bro, for this purpose I use it as a non gendered term to build an atmosphere of unity so we can operate as a better unit; me as a roaster and you as a brewer. Coffee Broaster strives to bring fair traded high quality coffee accessibly to those who love it by those who love it. coffee beans

Local and Seasonal

It is Rhubarb time  at TREATS, a much anticipated event that happens every spring.  Whenever possible, we try very hard to use local and seasonal ingredients for the products we make.  This month Rhubarb is in season and we purchased ours from nearby Harmony Valley Farm. The Little Old Ice Cream Maker will turn that farm fresh Rhubarb into Sorbet and Treatsicles ( our version of the popsicle).  We source our strawberries,sweet red peppers, melons and some spices from Riverhill Farm, our  pears from Boorinakis-Harper Ranch, our peaches from Chaffin Family Orchards and assorted fruits and veggies from Heaven and Earth Farm.  Frequenting our local farmers markets is usually  an idea inspiring adventure. We hope you enjoy the seasons at TREATS


First Friday Art Walks

Beginning this Friday, May 2nd and continuing on Friday June 6th, July 11th, August 1st, September 5th and ending Friday October 3rd, Nevada City will become a free, colorful festival of the arts, showcasing the best of our local visual and performing artists.  Artists will be on the streets of  historic downtown  Nevada City and in  the local shops and parks. There will be music to please all tastes performed in different locations around town.  We will shut down York Street to wheeled traffic and turn it into a designated “Kidz Alley”  with different family-friendly arts activities planned for each  First Friday Art Walk beginning at 5:30-8:30.  Stop by and enjoy the Arts!

street scene with umbrellas