All about Apples

We love apples!!!  Apple pie a la Mode, Apple Sundaes, Caramel Apple Milkshakes and our unique  Apple Pie Cone .   Try our Apple Strudel Ice cream or  Apple Pie a La Mode that is made with our special  baked apple pie filling and  topped with ice cream and whipped cream  and served in a waffle bowl. Our Apple Sundae is Apple Pie filling served with ice cream and topped with caramels sauce, nuts and whipped cream. The Caramel  Apple apple sundaeMilkshake is made with ice  cream, apple juice, caramel and cinnamon that are swirled together in the blender .  For the Apple Pie Cone we place apple pie filling inside your cone and top it off with your choice of ice cream flavors.  Recommended ice cream flavor combinations with these Apple delights might be Honey Vanilla, Apple Strudel, Salt Caramel Gelato, Lemon Custard or Butter Pecan.



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